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About Trick or Trash

Parents and teachers, Trick or Trash™ is transforming Halloween. With our TOT mail-back recycling box, candy wrappers become sustainable assets instead of landfill waste. Celebrate the festivities while teaching our children about eco-responsibility. Let's give back to our planet one wrapper at a time!


"I never realized just how much waste we produced during Halloween until Trick or Trash. Now, we can enjoy the holiday and feel good about it too!"

"Our annual Trick or Trash Halloween recycling campaign is the purest example of our mission to end waste in action"

-Nate Morris,
Founder and CEO

"I'm always looking for ways to incorporate sustainability into our lessons. Trick or Trash not only educates but also empowers my students to make a difference."


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How it works

Halloween is a blast, but it comes with a plastic aftermath. Trick or Trash offers a playful yet sustainable way to celebrate with the whole family!



Collect your empty candy wrappers in the provided box.



Ship the box back to us for free using the included shipping label.



Your wrappers are shredded and compressed into new, reusable plastic material!

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